About us

How does it work?

Skudgear is a new generation E-Commerce start-up by IIT-IIM Graduates that focuses on unique, awesome and innovative products at affordable prices in 3 Categories: Health, Fashion and Smart Phone accessories. Our patented computer algorithm identifies these products from across the web using complex data mining and number crunching techniques and we will make them available for immediate purchase in our website. Once a customer places an order, we will move mountains to make sure that the product is received by the customer in three days. 
Most importantly, every product is thoroughly quality checked and analyzed before sending. Every week we will launch just 10 new best-selling products in these 3 categories and we will make them available for our customers for purchase in India. Our mantra is always Quality better than Quantity. Even our website is designed in a minimalistic theme to ensure there is no clutter or unnecessary information present. All the steps are aligned to ensure that the total experience to our customer is seamless and fun. Happy Shopping!